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Stop the demonization of Russia in the Navalny case!
Stop the western policy of meddling!
Peace with Russia!
We support left politicians who
reject this demonization of Russia.

Oskar Lafontaine is now calling for a debate in the "Aufstehen" initiative as to whether a federal government "that participates in wars that violate international law" is morally justified in condemning crimes like the one in the Navalny case.

The following voices are extremely important, they are courageous and they deserve our support:
Germany must finally stop provoking Russia,
through sanctions,
through armament,
through military exercises
or, as now in the Navalny case, through unproven allegations.

We demand peace with Russia!

Sevim Dagdelen, chairwoman of the Left Party in the Foreign Affairs Committee, recently stated: “The poisoning of the Russian opposition  politician Alexei Navalny is a crime that must be fully investigated. It is up to the competent judicial authorities of Russia to ensure this and to hold those responsible to account. The federal government is called upon to support this investigation and to cooperate with the Russian investigators." Sevim Dagdelen continues: "It is strange when Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urge the Russian government to explain the process before the results of the investigation from Germany have obviously been transmitted to Moscow, while at the same time, an 'ajusted common reaction' by the EU and NATO is being announced.

Gregor Gysi, foreign policy spokesman for the Left, warns of a “prejudgment” of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia and says: “Putin must be stupid if he does something like this. He knows that this will worsen relations with the West even more. "Gysi continues:" We don't even know who the perpetrator was. Everyone assumes it was the government. But it can also be a single man from the secret service "..." It could also be that it was an opponent of the gas pipeline to Germany, or an authorized opponent who knew that if you staged such a murder, the government would be blamed it leads to the deterioration of relationships."

Sahra Wagenknecht, warned against hypocrisy in the debate about possible punitive measures against Russia because of the Navalny case. Accordingly, the sanctions policy against all trading partners should remain the same - referring to serious violations on the part of Saudi Arabia and the USA. “But even if the Kremlin would be responsible (for which there is no evidence so far), it is also no more hideous to behead or whip to death opposition members, as is common practice in Saudi Arabia, from where we get our oil as well, "said Wagenknecht, and she went on to explain:" It is no more disgusting than murdering innocent civilians with drones, as the United States, which supplies us with its fracking gas, has done in far more than a thousand cases. "

Klaus Ernst, Die Linke, member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) stated: "I ask who is really benefiting from Navalny's poisoning?" And he continued: "Navalny is not a serious threat to Putin. to separate the Russians and the Europeans "...." This conflict is clearly of benefit to the Americans. " Ernst strictly rejected a construction stop on the North Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea. "Right now it is important that we maintain and even intensify economic relations with Russia," said the left-wing politician. "Stopping the pipeline would be a wrong and dangerous path."

Heike Hänsel, deputy chairman of the Die Linke parliamentary group, explained: "The murder attempt on the Russian politician Navalny must be cleared up, but prejudgments and threats of sanctions are counterproductive." ... De-escalate NATO and advocate clarification ".

Alexander Neu, chairman for Die Linke in the Defense Committee, explained that Germany in particular, which claims to have a high rule of law, should come up with evidence and not with wild speculations.

Amira Mohamed Ali, parliamentary chair for the Left Party spoke of a terrible crime that must be fully investigated. She refused to end the Nord Stream 2 gas-pipeline project. US President Trump wants to "force us to buy his dirty fracking gas". Germany is threatened with sanctions contrary to international law to stop using russian gas. The fact that the U.S. imports Russian oil itself shows, however, that double standards are once again being used: “It's not about human rights, it's about economic interests.”

We repeat:
These voices are extremely important, they are courageous and they are deserving our support.

Everyone can support this open letter.

Berlin, September 16, 2020


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